The Ridolfi Team

Our strategy is to listen and collaborate with our clients. As we apply care, concern, capabilities and expertise to your project, we intend to become your trusted technical partner.

Callie Ridolfi, P.E., LEED AP
Principal Engineer, Environmental

Let’s build thriving, healthy, sustainable communities together.

Bruno A. Ridolfi, P.E.
Principal Engineer, Mining and Waste Management

I’m grateful to be working with great people and to make the world a better place for all people.

Tom Bowden, L.G.
Senior Geologist

It’s gratifying to have challenging and interesting work while at the same time providing important services to our clients.

Bill Beckley, M.S.
Principal Scientist

We’re working with our partners to improve our understanding of the environment, make informed decisions and create a sustainable future.

Hung T. Dom, CDA
Financial Manager

Providing good client service is one thing but exceeding our clients’ expectation is the ultimate goal.

Mathieu Piovesan, M.S.

Jess Vazquez