Regulatory Support Case Study

Makah Tribe NALEMP
Technical Support

Neah Bay, Wa

Ridolfi has been working with the Makah Tribe since 1999 to investigate and clean up former military sites on the Makah Indian Reservation.

This comprehensive effort includes:

  • Conducting historical research and field reconnaissance to identify and delineate facilities constructed and operated by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Developing and updating the Strategic Project Implementation Plan (SPIP) for mitigation of impacts based on Tribal priorities
  • Preparing sampling and analysis plans
  • Conducting site investigations and characterizing contaminants at impacted sites
  • Producing site investigation reports
  • Assessing impacts to natural resources
  • Developing work plans for removal and remedial actions
  • Preparing requests for proposals for remedial contractors
  • Conducting oversight of removal actions and site cleanups
  • Producing removal and remedial action reports to document the results of cleanup actions
  • Preparing documents to support no-further-action determinations for sites where cleanup and restoration are complete.

Site Investigations and Remedial Actions, Tatoosh Island

Ridolfi completed site investigations and performed removal actions at former U.S. Navy facilities on Tatoosh Island. Samples of soil, asbestos-containing material (ACM) and lead-based paint (LBP) were collected and submitted for laboratory analysis. To date, approximately 250 cubic yards of petroleum-contaminated soil have been removed from Tatoosh Island and transported off the reservation. Three dilapidated buildings, an abandoned derrick and three abandoned underground storage tanks have also been removed. The removal activities were conducted by helicopter because strong winds, currents and waves make water access to the island unpredictable and difficult.

Site Investigations and Remedial Actions, Former Air Force Cantonment Area

Ridolfi completed site investigations and performed removal actions at the former U.S. Air Force Cantonment Area, which is now the Makah Tribal Center. Ridolfi also performed inspections for ACM and LBP in preparation for building deconstruction and removal. An asbestos-abatement plan was produced and over 43,000 square feet of transite siding was removed from 16 buildings. Additionally, three buildings were demolished and removed and contamination associated with a former wash rack was remediated. Ridolfi also samples groundwater in the Cantonment Area semi-annually to monitor impacts associated with nine former leaking underground storage tanks.