Sustainable Development Case Study

Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Heritage
Center & Bald Eagle Observatory

Chilkat Indian Village
Klukwan, Ak

To assist the Chilkat Indian Village in realizing a 30-year dream, Ridolfi began by creating a master plan and site development plan that reflected the Village’s ultimate vision for the Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Heritage Center and Bald Eagle Observatory. Then a detailed business plan was developed to demonstrate the viability and sustainability of the project.

Ridolfi selected and managed a team of architects and engineers to complete the permitting, design and construction of the project, which occupies 4.5 acres on the banks of the Chilkat River in Southeast Alaska.

To facilitate the design process, Ridolfi provided technical support for grant applications and coordinated four design development workshops with tribal members to capture the tribe’s visions and goals. The early workshops focused on the needs of the Village, how they envisioned using the complex and what features were critical to its success. The later workshops presented design options and ideas and insights from the design team and other project proponents.

Due to funding availability, this $10 million project has been constructed in phases. The first phase included site development, infrastructure, construction of the Traditional Knowledge Camp and construction of the Jilkaat Kwaan Hospitality House. These facilities were completed in early 2010. The second phase includes the museum and storage facilities for artifacts, valuable artwork and cultural treasures. This complex was designed in 2012 and was constructed in 2013 and 2014.